AFIF Achieves Removal of $77.00 IATA Fee & AU Number –

IATA Registration of Persons Qualified in Acceptance of Dangerous Goods’.

DG Certification Remains Unchanged

Dear Member,

AFIF on behalf our freight forwarder representation at the IATA Cargo Executive Council (CEC) has successfully proposed and obtained the removal of the IATA DG Registration Fee $77.00. Effective 1 January 2018, the AU Number Registration and Fee with IATA will cease. The AU Number will no longer be shown on AWB.


Currently, as stipulated in IATA Resolution 809 Subparagraph 2- Qualifications for Registration and Retention, Sub paragraph 2.1.2 (b), a national register of persons certified as competent in Dangerous Goods acceptance is kept to register the Dangerous Goods Registration numbers issued to each DGR holders and update the DGR holders’ record during renewals.


The maintenance of a national register containing names and registration numbers of persons trained in Dangerous Goods Acceptance is considered superfluous to the current monitoring processes under Resolution 809 Subparagraph 2 – Qualifications for Registration and Retention.


Australian Federation of International Forwarders (AFIF), on behalf of the freight forwarder representation at the Cargo Executive Council (CEC), proposed at the CEC AU 54th meeting that the requirement to maintain the national register be discontinued. It was agreed by the CEC members that this would be addressed through a mail vote conducted on 14th Aug 2017 to CEC members.

The motion to remove the AU DGR Register requirements and amendments to the Qualification for Registration and Retention-Australia was unanimously accepted by CEC-AU Members and announced by IATA HQ Geneva on 1 December 2017.

It should be emphasized that the requirement to produce required DGR certification and the current monitoring process will continue without change. It is only the maintenance of the national register that will be discontinued.

Effective Date - 1st January 2018

IATA Australia will be issuing a Notice to CASS Members via CASS-Link this week.