Hire a Trainee - the Easy Way!

There has been a recent surge in interest  in the international trade, transport  and logistics industry thanks to the Make Your Move campaign funded by the International Trade Development Fund (ITDFund)     

The campaign has reached over 1.2 million young people across a range of online and offline channels including social media, online advertising, the Make Your Move website, face-to-face presentations to schools and careers advisers, career expos and work experience engagements.   

Your company can make the most of this interest and increased awareness by hiring a Trainee now.    

Traineeships are a proven, and very cost-effective way to grow the capabilities of your business and create a life-changing opportunity for a young person.     

Traineeships cover all industry sectors, with qualifications in  Logistics, International Freight Forwarding and Warehousing, ………all of which can be contextualised to your operations through choice of elective subjects and online and on the job learning.

Traineeships can be full-time or part-time.

You can find out all of the information about how to hire a Trainee and engage a Registered Training Organisation (Self Managed Traineeship), or about how to access Industry Managed Traineeships via a new industry search tool at https://www.mymv.org/hire-a-trainee/

Industry Managed Traineeships                                            

The easiest way to get started is with a Fully Managed Industry Traineeship.

These Traineeships are managed by Group Training Companies that specialise exclusively in the international trade, transportation and logistics industries.

They employ the Trainee on your behalf for a fixed or negotiated fee for the duration of the Traineeship, taking  care of all the hiring, training, trainee welfare and payroll.

Trainees undertake a fully accredited National Qualification and upon graduation can continue  working for you.                                            

There are work ready Trainees available to start right now.                          

Get started now

Go to https://www.mymv.org/industry-managed-traineeships/ for Industry Managed Traineeships                                            

Or https://www.mymv.org/self-managed-traineeships/ for Self Managed Traineeships