Hong Kong Protests Update 

AFIF has been in contact with our affiliate Industry Association, the The Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding & Logistics Ltd (HAFFA) concerning the escalation in protest actions and the impact on freight and logistics operations in Hong Kong.

Following is the latest update today.  

Please find below the information shared by our members and Airport Authority Hong Kong:

Freighters from yesterday to 0600 (13 Aug) have been operating as normal.

All arriving/departing passenger flights have been totally suspended around 1800 (12 Aug) until 0600 (13 Aug).

All freighters and passenger flights were subject to rescheduling under Flight Rescheduling Control System (FRCS) from 0600 13 Aug to 0659 (14 Aug).

Our members are advised to closely check with their airlines on exact flight schedule of their booked flight (be it pax or freighter) from 0600 (13 Aug) to 0659 (14 Aug).

Starting this morning the flights will resume progressively. Since it is not the peak season at this moment, we hope the backlog can be cleared very soon.

So far no significant impact on local distribution and other cargo operations. Major problem is flights are cancelled.  

Please check with your respective carrier for specific flight updates.

News.com.au is reporting Chinese military vehicles assembling and purportedly moving towards the Hong Hong border – news item and video News.com.au story

AFIF will continue to monitor developments with HAFFA and update AFIF members accordingly.