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 Vale Hart Krtschil        

Dear Industry Colleagues,

It is with deep sadness that I have to advise you that a great industry stalwart, Hart Krtschil, passed away earlier this (Saturday) morning after a lengthy battle with cancer.  His immediate family were by his side and he was in peace at the end.

In recent weeks his situation had deteriorated considerably and when he entered Greenwich Hospital palliative care earlier week, Hart was well aware of the situation he faced. Hart was brave and pragmatic throughout his recent suffering but remarkably was even able to retain his sense of humour. 

Like us, those of you  who worked with Hart over the years on various industry committees dealing with Quarantine (now ‘Biosecurity’) Border clearance related matters, and Sydney Sea Cargo Facilitation Committees, would remember his vast knowledge and expertise but also his dry wit and great sense of humour.

So now we have the memories of a wise old friend and colleague and we will reminisce over the coming weeks and months, I am sure.   For now, Evelyn his partner has advised that in line with Hart’s wishes, there will be a private family funeral service later next week. 

Next week in the AFIF regular Weekly News Bulletin we will share an article that appeared recently in industry publications after his retirement that outlines the highlights of his long industry career.

So as we bid him farewell, raise a glass (Red Wine only mind you)  to this man who cared deeply about protecting Australia in his work with the Govt. Quarantine services and his desire for improved efficiency and fairness in the process. 

I am deeply sorry to be the bearer of this sad but not unexpected News.

Rest in Peace dear Hart

Kind regards

Brian Lovell