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To attain uniform, high standards of professional conduct within the Forwarding Industry. The Australian Federation of International Forwarders was created in July 1996 following the merger of two distinct organisations, namely: The Australian Federation of Airfreight Forwarders - 'AFAFF'- formed (as a Federal body) in 1977 and The International Forwarders Association of Australia -'IFAA'- representing the Seafreight Forwarders (formed in 1976). The merger was deemed to be a natural progression which mirrored the business of it's combined membership, most of whom were active in both air & sea transport. Existing and new members could elect to be represented in the Air and /or Sea division of the new entity.

As time progressed, the separate 'divisions' were incorporated into the organisation as a whole and at the same time, the expanding role of the Freight Forwarder into 3rd party logistics and the resultant wider range of services, was catered for by AFIF as it expanded it's representative involvement. In addition to specific Air & sea matters, AFIF also represents its members in issues related to: Customs & Quarantine; IT/E-Commerce; Training & Education; Security; Depot & Warehousing; etc.

AFIF also strengthened its presence at both local committee and regional and world representative level. More details are covered within this document. During its evolution, the organisation continued to develop and deliver a comprehensive vocational training program which has progressed to cover most subjects required by operatives in the freight forwarding industry.

During 2001 AFIF, in partnership with a new specialist group training company 'my freight career', combined to pioneer a traineeship for our Industry. AFIF continues to increase its membership services and since 1999 has been the official Australian distribution Agent for IATA publications and in late 2010, was also appointed by OAG Singapore as it's GSSA for cargo publications and products for Australia.