Air Canada Cargo is rolling out a new form on August 1 to be filled out for all shipments that include Section II lithium batteries, as listed below.

  • Lithium Ion batteries packed with equipment - UN3481 Section II PI 966
  • Lithium Ion batteries contained in equipment - UN3481 Section II PI 967
  • Lithium Metal batteries packed with equipment - UN3091 Section II PI 969
  • Lithium Metal batteries contained in equipment - UN3091 Section II PI 970

The form can be downloaded from the Tools and Forms section of the Air Canada Cargo website. It must be submitted, either electronically or physically, when tendering any shipment containing the lithium battery types listed above and will be mandatory as of November 1.

Air Canada Lithium Batteries Shippers Declaration Form (pdf)

REMINDER: Lithium ion and lithium metal batteries, packaged by themselves (not contained or packed with equipment) are not permitted on passenger aircraft.

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