YM Eternity Detained at DP World Port Botany - Update


Dear AFIF Member,

Further to the AFIF Broadcast yesterday (below) advising of the YM Eternity detained at Port Botany. Despite no formal announcement from DP World or Yang Ming Line, DP World has informed transport operators via 1-Stop notification system that cargo operations have now commenced for the YM Eternity and import cargo dates will reflect in 1-Stop shortly.

AFIF will keep members informed of further developments.




DP World Sydney has received a notice issued by the Federal Court of Australia, that has prevented them from commencing cargo operations on the YM Eternity. 

DP World is liaising with the vessel operator Yang Ming Line and further information will be released as it is known.

The first day of availability for all import containers will not be 10/02/2020 14:00 as advertised. Transport companies to ensure they make arrangements for any slots they may have picked up for containers off this vessel during the above mentioned time.

Export receivals will also be affected due to this delay. Contact your shipping line for further advice regarding exports planned for this vessel.'

There is yet to be an official announcement and update from DP World or Yang Ming Line.

Further information on the background to this issue as reported by Port and Terminal Magazine link-  https://www.portandterminal.com/yang-ming-ship-arrested-in-sydney-for-pollution-debt/

AFIF will keep you informed of developments.