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Inforwarding Announcements (AU only)

A simple announcements board where hundreds of airlines post information directly to communicate their latest offerings and operational updates to freight-forwarders.

Airlines: With Announcements you get a captive audience. Freight Forwarders from all over the world come to the site to read current announcements. Announcements can be posted for single or multiple markets and displayed with your own corporate branding.

Freight Forwarders: It is easy to register for the FREE service – you can do it right now on When you do, you will see a live stream of important announcements from the world’s major airlines and GSA’s. You can also customize which types of announcements you want to see.

Key Features:

  • Efficient – Low-cost alternative to traditional means of communicating
  • Timely – Customers immediately access your announcements for free
  • Simple – Easy-to-use publishing tool
  • Comprehensive – Disseminate key information including fuel surcharges, available space and more
  • Choice – Users decide the types of announcements they want to receive



(Price is for 12 month subscription)


Number of Users
Single User $950
2 - 5 Users $2371
6 - 10 Users $2843
11 - 20 Users $3766
21 - 30 Users $4381
31 - 50 Users $6457
51 - 100 Users $12109